Recovery in Community (RIC) Coordinator:

This position will require 1 to 3 hours weekly at $20-$30/hr. for the 9-month pilot project period scheduled to begin in August 2019. There’s potential for additional, expanded work beyond pilot project. As part of a startup organization, our Coordinator will play an integral part in defining and designing how RIC operates and its identity in the wider community. Coordinator is part administrator, part public relations, the first person contacted by a Community Partner or concerned family member or friend in the course of qualifying a possible RIC client.


  • Have good communications skills, stable temperament, and positive attitude.

  • Work remotely and independently via computer and phone, receive occasional calls mostly during business hours, rarely evening or weekend. Work hours per week will vary, probably average 1-3 when RIC is in regular operation. Having a concurrent full-time job is fine if occasional RIC calls during job hours is acceptable.

  • Keep communications with RIC Oversight Committee (OC), including regular meetings 1-2 times each month.

  • To gain understanding, participate in parts of Volunteer Advocate (VA) training (probably 2-4 Saturday hours in early August).

  • Receive client referrals and qualify clients according to RIC criteria.

  • Help define and monitor protocols and data-sharing with Community Partners. Maintain CP relationships and communications, and develop new partnerships where opportunities arise.

  • Help build community awareness about what RIC is and does.

  • Monitor and help ensure that Advocates, clients, and Community Partners provide required data for pilot project research.

  • Whenever needed, Coordinator will have the help and support of RIC Oversight Committee and Advisors.


The RIC Oversight Committee want to hear from you! Please email a brief resume in PDF format, along with a letter of interest, to